Almost a year on we have a short chat with with one of our 2016 Brides, Rebecca.

We find out how Rebecca and Daniel met and her top tips for anyone setting out to plan their big day.
They spent their wedding day surrounded by friends and family at the fantastic Ballygally Castle Hotel.

How did you & Daniel meet?

Daniel and I met at a social in the Jethro Centre in Lurgan.
It was run by Eternity socials, who actually ended up doing our evening party too!
Daniels checked shirt and brown shoes blended in well with the rest of the farmers but it was his bright gold D-turbo that caught my eye (he made me say that!).
He won me over with a trip in his tractor and a boiler suit of my own and as they say, the rest is history!

How far in advance did you start planning?

We got engaged in January and our wedding ended up being September of the year after, so we had 18 months.
Me being me, i bought a wedding magazine the night we got engaged! I had bought my wedding dress by the end of January after going out for a day just to look.
However i can't claim to have been a planning fanatic, it all came in dribs and drabs.
I have to say we didn't get stressed at all and did bits as we went along, it all just fell into place bit by bit and there were no major melt downs.

Where did you find your perfect wedding dress?

I found my dress in Perfect Day, Lurgan.
I had looked up dresses online and found my dream dress on an american website called Mori Lee.
I hadn't got a clue about wedding dress designers so I didn't know Perfect Day is a premier stockist of Mori Lee.
To my surprise, when i produced a photo of the dress, they produced the dress in real life! I tried it on and it was everything i had wanted and even nicer in real life.

In 3 words describe your wedding day.


What’s the best thing you can remember about your day?

The best feeling i have ever experienced is sitting in the back of the wedding car with my new husband feeling on top of the world.
We had a picnic basket and eating my lunch in my wedding dress was the most surreal and lovely feeling.
Although the petrol fumes from the wedding car were gassing us the whole way so that could be why we were feeling so floaty!

Your top tip to anyone who is starting to plan their big day?

Don't stress.
Everyone says it but it is truly the most exciting and magical day of your life.
Planning can be so stressful and can take over your life. While its important to plan, make sure you enjoy the process!
On the day it doesn't matter if the grooms socks don't match his suit or if someone else wears white. If at the end of the day you are husband and wife, then it all went to plan. Just enjoy it and take it all in because it goes far too quickly.
Cherish every moment and make sure you take time with your husband on the day to just revel in your newly married bliss!

What was your favourite thing about your wedding photographs/wedding album?

Our wedding photos turned out absolutely beautifully.
They were so natural and bright and exactly the style we had wanted.
Our personalities are both quite laid back and gentle and our photos definitely reflected that.
Jonny and Dave really captured the essence of our day.
Getting photos taken was made so easy and we really enjoyed it.
Similarly, our wedding album is stunning! A beautiful memento of our fantastic day.