All of our clients love the idea of our pre-wedding photo sessions. Meeting couples at an appointment or wedding show does let you get a feel for someone and to see if you just click however our pre-wedding sessions are designed to make your wedding day go a lot smoother.

It's true that in a world where selfies rule and cameras are always in our pockets, built into the latest smart-phone people are still camera shy when it comes to their big day. We use our pre-wedding photo sessions to help you relax, you get a feel for how quick we work and realise that its very simple to help us create a great image with little to no direction. We talk you through the entire process along the way, giving you tips and helping you to relax.

We share with you some final images that you can use as thank you cards etc or share with your friends however, more importantly, on your wedding day, your relaxed and can enjoy time with your new partner while we capture your story