There is nothing we dislike about our job and that's why we do it. On the morning of Hollie and Conors wedding we were on our way to Kircubbin and we have to admit - IT WAS FREEZING!

When we arrived with our bride we were so happy to see a lovely open fire and lots of smiles all getting ready for the day ahead. Our bride arrived at St Marys Star of the Sea in the heaviest rain I think we have ever worked in and still there it was, the biggest smile of any happy + excited bride.

Our day dried out as we made our way to the Clandeboye Lodge for our reception however we had to do a short stop off to visit Hollies horse (No mucking out today). The Clandeboye is a fantastic location with plenty of indoor and outdoor locations to capture some lovely images of our couples and their families. On sunny days you can visit the beach (just a short 5 minutes away) Today we satyed beside open fires and had short walks around the gardens.

We had a great day and plenty of laughs. Thank you for a great day and inviting us to capture it for you.

Jonny & Dave

To view more images from their fantastic day click here
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To view more images from their fantastic day click here