Weddings are always a very emotional day and the pace at which it all happens can only be experienced by a bride and groom. Our day with Jack and Leah was no different. At one point the best man even had more nerves than our Groom but no names George ;)

When I met Leah on the morning of their wedding everything was running well ahead of schedule. Make-up by the fantastic Rachel Ferran and hair by Erin McQuitty was looking great and everyone was having a good morning. Slowly but surely our bride was getting a little quieter as the time went on. This is always expected due to all the planning and preparations all coming down to the next few hours and hoping that everything goes to plan. Having a great group of people around you always helps and Leah's bridesmaids, mummy and of course little Darcy were just what our bride needed. Thankfully little Darcy hadn't yet put on her special princess dress before the chocolate was doing the rounds in the morning!

With everything going to plan we headed to our ceremony venue at the Clandeboye Lodge Hotel, Bangor hoping that the only thing that could spoil anyone's day would be the weather and even then I think we would still have had a great time.

We found the boys in the bar (wasn't hard to find them at all) and spent some time with them before the day started to run at its own pace. After a great ceremony we spent a some time at Crawfords Park , in the best weather we have seen in this wee country for a good few weeks. We even had the opportunity to take the roof down on their Balmoral car.

With a day that ran so smoothly & a great meal (thanks for feeding us!) there was nothing left but to spend some quality time with friends and family on the dance floor with entertainment supplied by Skip Alexander.

Have a great honeymoon and we look forward to catching up with you both when you return to show you all your images. Thank you for a great day..